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Welcome to The Naughty Equestrian, where we believe in embracing the spirited side of equestrian living. Our brand was born out of a passion for the unconventional, the bold, and the playful within the world of horse riding.

Picture a rider who isn't afraid to break free from traditional norms, a rebel who loves the thrill of the ride. The Naughty Equestrian is for those who see the stable as a canvas for self-expression, a place where the bond between rider and horse is powerful and liberating.

Our brand story unfolds in the arena of creativity, where horse lovers dare to be different. We curate a collection of equestrian-inspired products that seamlessly blend style and attitude, from edgy riding gear to cheeky accessories.

We offer a variety of apparel, kitchen & beverage accessories, greeting cards, and other gift items for the equestrian and animal lover. Our mission is to give animal lovers everywhere a good laugh with high-quality products that will hold up when doing what they love. Whether you have horses, goats, sheep, or cows, whether you can “bucking ride” or not... if you love animals, our products will surely add some fun to your life. Pick up a gift for the equestrian lovers in your life.

At The Naughty Equestrian, we celebrate the wild spirit that defines equestrian culture. Join us on this adventurous journey as we rein in tradition, one hoofbeat at a time. After all, life is too short to be anything but slightly naughty in the saddle.

Chelsie and Bobbie

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