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Conceived in the Pacific Northwest at the Enumclaw Wine and Chocolate Festival 2019. We nurtured our “Naughty Equestrian” dream with wine, horses, friendship and love.

The Naughty Equestrian - A wine and horse loving person that has a sense of humor.

We offer a variety of apparel, wine & beverage accessories and other items for the equestrian and wine lover. Our mission is to give equestrians everywhere a good laugh with high quality that will hold up when doing what they love. Whether you have horses or not, whether you can “bucking ride” or not... if you love horses, our products are sure to add some fun and naughtiness to your life.

We hope you enjoy shopping our online store. 

We love horses and we love wine. We have spent many afternoons doing local wine walks, spending time with horses and loving each others company.  One evening at a local wine and chocolate event, we began laughing about things horse people say in a barn that aren’t naughty, but they sound naughty to the outside world...and as we were sipping our wine...we looked at each other and collectively realized we had a dream that was achievable.

We have worked hard, played hard and have always believed that dreams do come true at any age.  We encourage other women to dream and reach the stars no matter how far away the stars may seem to be...and don’t let age stop your dreams from becoming a reality. 

We hope our “dream come true” will inspire other women to pursue their dreams at any age and to hold on to those friendships. We never know where friendships will take us in our future.

Chelsie and Bobbie

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